Erik Asla is a Norwegian photographer. After moving to Los Angeles from Paris, France, he became a protégé of celebrated image-maker Herb Ritts. Resisting the urge to focus exclusively on the genres in which his mentor built an illustrious career, Asla was drawn to the solitary endeavor and unconstrained expressive boundaries presented by fine art photography. With his project 'The Stillness of Motion', Asla is seeking to create semi-abstract photographic renditions that convey a perception of the sea in its most paradoxical state; moving, rushing, yet offering a sense of calm and serenity. 

Numerous fine art collectors and private corporations have acquired artwork from the series. Asla’s first solo exhibition opened in Palm Springs in June 2017, and his first major show in a European art gallery opened at Galleri Semmingsen in Oslo, Norway on August 23rd, 2018. The exhibition ran for six weeks, receiving widespread critical acclaim.

Asla is currently engaged in producing artwork for a large scale solo exhibition in 2020. Details to follow.

When the German philosopher and culture critic Walter Benjamin travelled by ship in the north of Norway, he wrote about his impression of the midnight sun: ‘it's like looking into the storage of time of eternal days.’

 It was a similar sentiment I felt when I saw Erik Asla’s photographs of sea and sky at Galleri Semmingsen. It was like looking into the ocean's repository of eternal horizons, I thought.

There is something wonderfully mesmerizing about these photographs. The boundary between the sea and the sky is both stationary and moving, at the same time. 

Dag Solhjell, art critic, author, dr philos, sociology of art